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The Australian Grain Harvesters Association Incorporated was formed in 1973 and is a non-profit organisation primarily representing the interests of Professional Contract Harvesters across Australia. The AGHA Incorporated has Members and Executive Body that service all the major Grain growing states of Australia.  Our demonstrated Professional commitment to the Grains Industry has seen our Incorporated Organisation working with Government and Industry bodies to improve the high standard of not only Contract Harvesting but all harvesting, and grain handling in general, across Australia.

Our Objectives:

  • To maintain and promote the image, welfare and general interest of Association members with grain harvesting in Australia.
  • To work in co-operation with the farming and grain industry.
  • To promote a standard of ethics and workmanship to show member responsibility and consideration towards the grain industry of Australia.
  • To work towards Association member unity in dealing with problems relevant to members and the grain industry in general.
  • The Australian Grain Harvesters Association Incorporated as an Incorporated Body is responsible to its Financial Members and Executive body.
  • Is answerable to the Government for its operations as an Incorporated Association.






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