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Harvest Rates

Harvesting Rates calculation and policy.

AGHA Inc. represents harvest contracting businesses operating in all cropping regions. Seasonal assessments are made concerning crop quality and concentration in each area to enable harvesters to arrive as crops reach optimum maturity.

Upon arriving at a growers property and prior to harvesting, AGHA members usually confirm quoted harvest rates and the method of charging. Written harvest agreements are available whether hourly rates are used, an amount per hectare, or on a per tonne basis. A formal agreement is of benefit to both parties.

AGHA members promote comparative charges combining use of financial operational factors and prevailing market conditions as their foundation pricing.

Some of the variables which may determine fluctuations in harvesting rates are:
Crop type and grain yield - heavier crops usually take longer to harvest.
Sample purity - setting and operating harvester to receival standards.
Crop condition - free standing or lodged, weed affected or low yield areas.
Travel distance to farm - if remote from other grain growers.
Paddock terrain - ground condition and absence of obstacles.
Total crop area - number of contractor machines on property.
Proximity to trucks and field bins - delays to unload.
Terms of account payment - if not settled at completion of harvest
Provision of related equipment by contractor - augers, trucks, field bins.

AGHA members are keen to build long lasting relationships with grain growers, whilst showing responsibility and consideration to all growers by taking bookings during harvest. High standards of workmanship and business ethics are expected from AGHA members. While grain producers should pursue competitive prices for harvesting, careful consideration must be given as to the level of service provided when booking a contractor. AGHA members prefer to confirm bookings well prior to harvest. 


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