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Harvesting Wanted

Professional Cntract Harvester available with John Deere Header with bullet rotor and 35ft, 635 Draper Front with Auto Steer. This is suitable for harvesting all types of crops. Also available for wind rowing of Canola in a New Holland with 30ft front with end knives and Auto Steer. our truck is a 2006 Mack Super-liner with B Double or Road Train configuration. Contact Gordon Campbel on 0428 608 365. I live in the Tamworth area. Hay Baling service available as well.

Harvesting wanted for Winter and Summer Crops. 2 x John Deer Headers with Auto steet available with 12m (40') Draper Fronts. Tractor and Chaser Bin Available. Also available - Flex Fronts and Belt Pick Up Fronts. Contact Neil Ferguson on 0427 029 330.

Harvesting Wanted. 2 x Case IH Headers available with 42' Fronts, Tractor, Chaser Bin and Trucks if required are available. Phone John on 0428 449 940.

Harvesting Wanted. 3 x John Deere Headers available. Phone Brett on 0429 963 101.

Josh Verlin Harvesting Available for additional Contracts; Winter Harvest (especially October) & Summer Harvest (especially February to June) / Case 8120 4wd Special & Case 7120 Headers / Fronts available - HI Case 42' front, a smaller Honey bee front, Pick-up and Corn fronts as well. Row crop spacing capable / Yeild data collected & provided if required / Chaser bin & Case MX285 tractor / O H & S and Insurance documents available for Corporate customers / Employ experienced & skilled staff / References available to attest to quality performance / Regular communicatiton with customers to update schedule / Additional support services can be arranged / Can manage all field harvest participants if required / Operate from NSW & Qld border to southern Victoria. Contacts: Josh Verlin - 0428 289 227 or Email - / Trevor Verlin - 0447 778 070 or Email -

R&C Gribble Harvesting for all your harvesting requirements. 0427614549